Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Teacher Walkout Food Drive benefiting Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Food-4-Kids Program
Please bring donations of non-perishable items to the YAC "Leaving Tree" in Harper.  Mrs. Clay will take the donations to the Food Bank tomorrow after school.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Advocacy against hunger in Oklahoma 2018

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Registration for Hunger Action Day closes February 2! Sign up now to join advocates from across the state to talk with legislators about the reality of hunger in Oklahoma and the policy solutions that could help. 
Click to watch last year's Hunger Action Day video.
Hunger Action Day 2018
8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
February 14, 2018
Blue Room, Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Boulevard | Oklahoma City, OK

Training and lunch will be provided.

Registration for Hunger Action Day closes February 2, 2018. Click here to register.
Working together to end hunger in Oklahoma,

Effie Craven, MPH, MPA
State Advocacy and Public Policy Director
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma | Oklahoma City
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma | Tulsa
405-600-3129 |

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Final Results from the Business Office and the Food Bank

Total meals donated in 2017= 16,203.6
Special thanks to Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Jenkins for their help counting cash and making the check that went to the Food Bank on 11/9/2017

We wrote a check to the food bank for $2064.55 and enclosed $715.00 in checks made out directly to the food bank.  The total of the two is $2779.55 is the equivalent of 13,897.75 meals. 

From Natalie Wood, 
Manager of Donor Relations of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

$2,779.55 (5)= 13,897.75 meals
2,767 pounds in cans/1.2= 2,305 meals
Total meals donated in 2017= 16,203.6

Friday, November 3, 2017

Casady Students Against Hunger, Casady Cans Do 2017 Wraps Up

Preliminary results as of 11/3/2017  Some checks still coming Monday


15,723.17 👀❤ meals
Food Drive Spreadsheet here Memories at

Thank you Cyclones for helping
Fight Hunger and Feed Hope

Lavander PreK "Hope Walk" delivered cans collected from Monday-Thursday to the Food Bank Trailer.  Primary Lavander Pre-K students are not in school Friday.  They walked at 9:45 Thursday, morning.  


Friday, Last Day of Food Drive 
Around Cyclone Land

The freshman team created the process and the incentives of the drive during YAC meetings.  GRACIAS to all the YAC volunteers who helped during the drive at the different divisions and supported and guided the freshman team effort.  ARIGATO to Father Blizzard for sharing chapel time with the drive.

Special Thanks to Ava for soliciting restaurant gift card donations for 
The Upper Division Food-4-Food Daily Drawings during the drive
Casady YAC is grateful to the following restaurants for their donations
$10 gift certificates from 
Pei Wei, City Bites, Freddy's, Organic Squeeze, and Marco's Pizza 
$25 gift certificate from Zoe's Kitchen
$50 gift certificate from Bravo's

Total UD Donations 3,791.25 meals 
The winner of the UD out of uniform will be announced next week

LD Volunteers hard at work

Donors had a huge number of donations on Friday
The lower division donated 3,970.85 meals

The Middle Division was the overall winner of the drive.  
MD students donated a total donation of  7,650.25 meals

The Middle Division had a house competition.  
Merci to Father Youmans & prefects for counting cans and funds and to  
Mrs. Cherylynn O'melia and the MD Service Club for being the
 "MD Can Cheerleaders of the Drive" 

Pre-K students did their Walk of Hope at 10:15. Photos forthcoming 

 Kindergarten students took their Hope Wagons to the trailer at 11:00 am.

Primary donated 310.85 meals

Thursday, November 2, 2017

 Thursday’S RESULTS

6,924.50 👀❤ meals
Food Drive Spreadsheet here

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Friday, B Day, November 3rd.  Dress Warm
Upper (7:15-8:15): Isabela P., Tina N., Reese R.,Ava R.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Dylan V.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie G.
Primary Walk of Hope
Pre-K: 10:15 am
Kindergarten 11:00 am

7:15 am, Freshmen volunteers ready at their post in the Upper Division

Middle Division Volunteers ready to receive donations to maintain their first place standing.
At the end of the day, the MD was still ahead of the Upper Division

Highly Enthusiastic MD Food Drive Cheerleaders!

Our Fight Hunger Advocate at the LD

The Primary Division Volunteers

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday Memories of Food Drive 2017

The Casady Cans Do Food and Fund Drive 2017 ends tomorrow. Please bring cans or money.  Thank you for 2,614 meals collected.

Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Thursday, A Day, November 2nd: Dress Warm, Dia de los Muertos
Upper (7:15-8:15): Graeme J.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Malavika R.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Claire R., Ellie G.
Primary (7:30-8:15): Liz W. Evie W.

Inline image 3
Volunteering at Food Bank Drive Friday, B Day, November 3rd.  Dress Warm
Upper (7:15-8:15): Isabela P., Tina N., Reese R.
Middle(7:15-8:15): Dylan V.
Lower(7:15-8:15): Ellie G.
Primary Walk of Hope: UD students dressed in can costumes needed to help the Red Wagon Primary Walk of Hope to the Food Bank Trailer. Contact Mrs. Clay if interested.
Pre-K: 10:00 am
Kindergarten 11:00 am

Upper Division Chapel Food-4-Food Give Away
Winners: Luke A., Will B. and Jackson W.

UD Volunteers

Middle Division Volunteers

I can, You can, WE all can DONATE cans

Primary Division Volunteer 

8:15 UD Volunteers

Fund delivered to the Business Office

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Divisions Food Drive Results for Tuesday

We have collected 1,292 meals.  We have 18,707.5 meals to go.

The Middle Division is leading, followed by the Upper, Lower Divisions and the Primary.

In the high school, the seniors are in the lead, followed by freshmen, juniors, and sophomores.

STUCO will draw the names of three winners of the Food-4-Food Raffle.  Winners will choose a $10 gift certificate to City Bites, Pei Wei or Organic Squeeze.

 Good morning. My name is Sharun and I am here on behalf of YAC to inform you that yesterday, all divisions donated 84.5 cans and money which equals 422 meals.  YAC’s goal is to surpass last year’s total of 19,338 meals, our highest donation in the history of the Drive.

 Drop off cans, cash, or checks made to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma at the Student Center from 7:15-8:00 a.m. through Friday, November 3rd.   In the Upper Division the winning class gets an out of uniform.   For every 6 cans or $1, donors get an entry ticket in the Food-4-Food Raffle. Prizes include 20, 10, or 5 dollar gift certificates to local restaurants such as Bravo's, Pei Wei, Zoe's Kitchen, Organic Squeeze, Marco’s Pizza and Freddy's. There will be daily winners.

The first winner of the Food-4-Food Raffle received a $5 gift certificate to Marco's and a $10 gift certificate to 

The MD is having House Competitions.  The LD and the PD are donating with the satisfaction of making a difference to Oklahomans in need.

Upper Division Food Drive Volunteers and Donor

Middle Division Volunteers, donors, and sponsor of the drive

Middle Division Service Club volunteer Food Drive Cheerleaders and sponsor

Lower Division YAC volunteers and donors

Primary Division volunteers and donor

Drive Volunteers and Hunger Hero

YAC Drive Organizers with Mrs. Jenkins
All funding end up at the Business Office at Mrs. Jenkins Desk at Blaik
Thank you, Mrs. Jenkins for all the extra work you have to do during the drive

YAC Drive organizers solicited and received gift certificates from local restaurants as prizes of the Food-4-Food Raffle