Friday, November 13, 2015

Cyclone Graduates at the Regional Food Bank, December 2015

Casady's Alumni Association board members volunteered at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma on December 2, 2015 from 6:00-8:00 PM.


Head of School, Nathan Sheldon joined in this effort for Casady Alumni to give back to the community. Casady's faculty and staff  volunteer together each year during orientation in August, and many speak of this rewarding experience. 

The Alumni Board would like to invite the alumni for this yearly team building and outreach opportunity. If you are interested in volunteering on October 201,2016, please contact Lisa Meehan '87 at or 405-749-3162

Final count in pounds for Casady Cans Do 2015-Students Against Hunger Food Drive

The trailer had 4,623 pounds, then after the 171 pounds and 92 pounds deliveries the total weight is 4,886 pounds from Casady.

The total monetary donations (150 in personal checks, 397.31 school check, 515.62 cash) ended up being $1,062.93.

Altogether, that provides enough food and funds to provide 9,386 meals!  
Meredith Diers, Special Events, Regional Food Bank

Thank you Cyclones, Casady Families, and Casady YAC, Freshmen Chairs for a record breaking year in donations to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Students Against Hunger Canned Food Drive a Success

Thank you Casady Cyclones and Families for an amazing way to help the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma take a bite out of hunger!

Casady Canned Food Drive_PD Wagons
Casady's Cans Do Canned Food Drive has been a fantastic success this week with all divisions participating in Casady's Students Against Hunger. Freshmen led this community service project with help from the Upper Division and Youth Active in the Community (YAC) club members. The can and cash donation count at the end of the day Friday was equal to 14,014.5 cans of food. Donations are made up of canned food as well as cash, where $1.00 equals six cans. Breaking it down, Casady families donated 6,376 cans of food and $1,037. Mrs. Clay reported the results from each of the divisions:
  • Primary Division: 456
  • Lower Division: 6.531.5; Fourth Grade brought the most cans
  • Middle Division: 1,609; Woolsey House brought the most cans
  • Upper Division: 5,418; Juniors were the overall winner
View photos from the week and detailed results of Casady's 2015 Students Against Hunger Canned Food Drive at Upper Division students walked with the Primary Division students with wagons filled with cans to deliver them to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma truck that visited the School.

To close hunger awareness week, there is another opportunity to volunteer at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma on Saturday, Oct. 31 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Volunteers may register on the Food Bank Volunteer website and are asked to bring their permission slips with them. Parents are also welcome in this side-by-side community service activity. Mrs. Clay will be on site with the Casady students.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Casady Cans Do Food Drive 2015 ends

Monday-Friday Results

14,014.5 cans + cash ($1=6 cans)
                               ($ 1062.81 x 6) 

Cash: $1,062.81     =   6,376.86 cans
Cans:                           7,637. 64 cans
Total Cans:                 14,014.5

PD: 456  

The Walk of Hope   THURSDAy @ 9:45 am
Primary delivers donations to Food Bank Trailer.  Freshmen students thank donors with "Lend a can" stickers designed by sophomores Mariam and Safra Shakir.

LD: Helpers:  Natalie, Anna
2701.5 + 3830 Friday =  6531.5

1st grade:    554
2nd grade:  1,151
3rd grade:     876
4th grade    1,249

MD: Helpers: Hope and Ruby  (stayed until first hour)                 
797 + 812 Friday = 1,609

148 (Kelly)  
173 (Martin)  
313 (Woolsey)  
178 (Talbert)  

UD: Facilitators: Hannah, Katherine C. and Andy T.
Total Monday-Thursday   5,418   

Juniors:                 2289 cans and money  Challenge and overall winner
Freshmen:             1814 cans and money   Challenge winner
Seniors:                 1050 cans and money
Sophomores:          265 cans and money                                           

Follow the history of the drive below!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Results, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Fight Hunger!  Bring Cans 
Bring Money
$1=5 meals
$1=6 cans
Oklahoma is one of the hungriest states in the nation

Monday 10/26/2015 + Tuesday 10/27/2015 + Wednesday 10/28/2015 + Thursday 10/29/2015

Lower Division - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Winners!  Hunger Heroes 

Goal:  Small Elephants weight, 2000 pounds or 1,000 cans and the grade that reaches it, gets a day out of uniform

Lower Division Helpers: 
Naailah, Scout, Aubrey H., Hannah, Isabel, Meg, Jack, Dylan (came to help count cans), Audrey A., Lydia, 

History of the Drive in the Lower Division
1st grade: 165 cans + 31 cans Tuesday= 192 cans + Wednesday 77 cans + 21.49 (122cans) = 199 Total Monday-Wednesday:  391 cans + Thursday 70 cans=461

2nd grade: 185 cans + $5 (= 30 cans) = 215 cans +45 cans+$25(150) Tuesday= 410 cans + Wednesday 125 cans + $15 (90)=215
Total Monday-Wednesday: 625 cans + Thursday 168= 793

3rd grade: 76 + $1(=6 cans)= 82 cans + 25 cans+$21(125)Tuesday= 232 cans + Wednesday 47 cans+ $30.25 (181 cans)= 228.5 cans
Total Monday-Wednesday: 460.5 cans + Thursday 220= 690.5

4th grade: 179 cans + 52 cans Tuesday= 232 cans+ Wednesday 79 cans + $60 (180 cans) = 259 cans=491 cans + Thursday 266= 757
Total Monday-Wednesday: 

Lower Division Monday-Thursday 2701.5

1,500 cans or money




High School Helpers: 
Miriam, Safra (Johnston), Hallie, Claire, Andy (Student Center), Margo G. Grant, Mrs. Clay, Andy, Erik, Isabel (Drive Controller), Johnny, Grace, Aubrey, Dylan, Preston P., Blake G. Sahanya, Ellison or Liz, Jordan W. 

Juniors: 4 cans  $10 (=60)  = 64 cans +$15(90)=154 cans Tuesday + Wednesday $15 (90 cans) = 440 cans, + Thursday 718= 1158 cans

Sophomores: 3 cans + 0=3 cans Tuesday + Wednesday 0 = 3 cans, Thursday 28 cans

Freshmen: 3 cans +$51(306) Tuesday=309 cans  Tuesday+Wednesday $51 (306 cans)= 615 cans + Thursday 188= 803 cans

Seniors: 3 cans+ 33 Tuesday: 36 cans Tuesday+Wednesday 0 = 46 cans, Thursday 481 cans cans

Monday- Thursday UD Results:  2,470 cans

House Competitions
Beat the high school as in years past


 Middle Division: Father Youmans and House Prefects
Tuesday,  Wednesday, and Thursday  Reported by Father Youmans

Martin 270
Taber 229
Woolsey 176
Kelly 122

Total: 797  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday



Primary Division: Jack, Nish, Anna B., Sarah, Hallie, Johnny, Mrs. Clay

Monday: 15 cans
Tuesday:  133 cans
Wednesday: 103 included $3
Monday 15 + Tuesday 133=148 cans + 103 cans of Wednesday=251 cans, Thursday: 393 Total of the Drive.  

Great job Hunger FIGHTING Heroes!

HOPE WALK Cans were delivered to the Food Bank Trailer at 9:45 am Thursday morning.